something like a song(text)


so I’m just myself
shy and timid and at times unexpectedly demanding.
I am not cute but I consider myself sweet…

I’m don’t belive in myself but I try my hardest to not let this show
because I want to leave a good impression on you
I hope to make you smile when you think of the silly things I say and do
I hope to make you laugh every time you see me
because your happines makes me feel light headed
even more so then when I’m drunk

I can’t be any other than I am but still, would you take my hand
let’s take a stroll down this road called live
I want you to be with me
and share all the sights that expect us at each turning of the road
will you keep me company for a bit? just a little while
no forever no eternity, to bind us

It’s not hard to think of then, it wont hurt I won’t try to escape
the truth when it comes and tells me this dream has come to it’s end
I’ll smile and keep what was, like a favorite book
I will treasure it and some times flick the pages with a pleasant smile
and as a past self, you will smile back and let me know
that you held my hand

so I set one foot infront of the other, I will not linger
I will walk ahead and hope to find another to keep me company
"hello stranger " my smile will greet you and you will never consive
the things I’ve seen, nor the things I’ve done,
they are secrets between me and the past
and you will belive, that you are my first



Crazy Christmas sales at the mall. You know what that means…

A whole rainbow of unmentionables



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maybe it’s just me. maybe I’m just beeing difficult, but I find it increasingly difficult to find pretty lolita pictuers. they all seem to look the same, so unoriginal.
just a pretty co-ord won’t impress me.
I preferr some excitment in a picture, just looking like a cute or grotesque doll is sort of lame… don’t you think?

or is it really just me?